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According to our Yamaha District Sales Manager the only place on the west coast that has more Yamaha acoustic guitars is the Yamaha showroom in LA!
Airline guitar with amp case sold by Montgomery  Wards in the early 1960's.  Good condition offered at $549.00.
Beautiful 1970 Sam Koontz custom guitar.  It has sold but we left the picture up because it is a cool guitar with a history!
Do you play flat?  Could it be your instrument?  Click the Movie icon to see what happened to the instruments below.

Drum lessons with Randy Hart.

Guitar Lessons With Devin Kosloff
The Elvis straps are almost sold out.  We have about 20 out of 300 left.  The Elvis straps are almost sold out.
This is an Ultrasonic Tank.  It gets your brass instruments really clean!
1966 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax.  $7,000.00