Devin Kosloff
Guitar Lessons With Devin Kosloff

Thanks for looking into studying with me!

My first and foremost passion is teaching.  I have several years of experience playing and teaching virtually every style to people ages 5 to 65 and can help you progress in your playing and knowledge--whether you want to learn classical guitar, shred with your metal album of choice, jam with your peers and idols, or just learn your favorite song, I can help you.  I am also able to expand your music theory knowledge, be it for singing, reading music/rhythms, or learning harmony.

Pricing is $160 for one month of weekly one hour lessons, or $100 for one month of weekly 30 minute lessons, meaning sometimes you'll get four and sometimes you'll get five lessons per month!  In addition to teaching at Tigard Music I am available for Skype  lessons.

Please email me with any questions: