Tyler Willson

Ukulele and Guitar Lessons

Group Classes Available!



Tyler Willson is a music instructor with over ten years experience. Originally from Utah, Tyler founded the Carbon County Guitar Studio, a community based music program for children and adults alike. Leaving this program in the hands of his former students, Tyler relocated his family to Oregon. He studied nursing at Utah State University and works as a nurse, but continues to teach his first passion: music. Tyler wants to share his wealth of experience with you and takes great pride in watching his students grow.




Tyler is such an awesome teacher!! He is a great balance of cool and competent. My son connected well with him right off. Tyler challenges him and inspires him to keep working. He is passionate about music and makes his classes so much fun! I highly recommend him! - Lizz D.



My son Jaxon has had 4 drum teachers. So speaking from experience Tyler is wonderful. My son is very reserved and doesn't like a lot of people, but he loved Tyler. Tyler is young and cool enough for the kids to relate to. He is also old enough and mature enough to be responsible and do a great job. Tyler's love of music is obvious from day one. He has a lot to offer as a music teacher. He does a fantastic job. - Jeana B.



Tyler will be starting classes soon.  We will post his phone number and teaching days ounce he and his family are settled into their new life in Oregon.